Our mission is to create a community where business owners can network with each other in order to learn about and share experiences in hemp and cannabis, both plant touching and non-plant touching, starting in the Northeast (NY, CT, RI, and MA) so they can make smart decisions on how to navigate the challenges and opportunities of this growing, early stage industry.

About Us

BOHCA was co-founded by Andi Gray of Strategy Leaders and Nicole Weber of NUG Digital Marketing

Strategy leaders is a 24 year old consulting firm. We work with the owners of established, privately held companies, teaching them how to take their companies to the next level. Our Clients typically seek to double revenue and triple profits in repetitive cycles.

Nug Digital Marketing is a strategic branding and digital advertising company dedicated to growing cannabis and hemp businesses. We generate leads and sales for our clients by creating targeted branding, websites, collateral, email, text, SEO, PPC and geomarketing campaigns.

Our Team:


NCIA (National Cannabis Industry Association) created the Allied Association Program (“AAP”) as a way to develop closer relationships with state, local, and issue-specific trade associations, with the goals of harnessing the power of our collective knowledge, and working together to advance the cannabis industry.


  • Complimentary admission to NCIA events to promote our association.
  • Attend NCIA’s conferences, Quarterly Cannabis Caucuses and Lobby Days.
  • Discounts to AA members: exclusive discount codes for the AA to pass on to its contacts for various NCIA events, provided the AA use the discount code to promote that event.
  • ederal updates: monthly federal policy meetings with NCIA’s Government Relations team.
  • Content sharing: monthly content from AAs to be published in NCIA newsletter, NCIA news distributed via AA networks.
  • Workshops and information sessions: offered at each of NCIA’s conferences exclusively for the AAs.
  • Public recognition: AA logo and backlink on NCIA’s website, calendar listing and a directory listing of all the AAs in the AAP.