BOHCA is located in Norwalk CT. Our mission is to bring business education to operators in the cannabis/hemp industry (plant touching and non-plant touching) as well as educate business owners in outside industries on how they can get involved in this ever-growing industry. Please join us for our next event!

    • 3 out of 4 privately held businesses fail in every 10 year cycle; business owners need to make the 180-degree switch from entrepreneur to business builder and start focusing on profitability, stability, and predictability
    • Cannabis/hemp is the fastest growing industry in the US, and saw a 44% increase in legal employment in 2018
    • Cannabis industry is expected to be $500 billion industry worldwide within 5 – 10 years; Hemp industry is expected to be $1.5 trillion within 5-10 years
      In the northeast US, Massachusetts is the only fully legalized adult-use state in 2019
    • Bills have been introduced in New York, Connecticut, and New Hampshire to legalize adult-use this year; Rhode Island and Vermont should follow suite in 2019 or 2020

How BOHCA helps our members:

  • We were so happy to help one of our members launch his brand faster by meeting our connections. While on a trip to Colorado, where he was searching for resources, BOHCA was able to connect him with both financial resources and equipment resources for his chosen area of the industry. Our network helped, and we are grateful.
  • One of our BOCHA sponsors, who is an investor from the state of Connecticut, was looking to expand. He is now in conversation with established businesses in the state of Colorado, which we found for him through our members at BOHCA.
  • BOCHA holds a strong presence present at trade shows in the industry, and we are very familiar with the market. We have a client in New York state who attended MJBizcon with us. By our introductions he is now speaking with a number of companies throughout the West coast regarding customization of applications to meet their needs.
  • At BOHCA we are in contact with legislators and their aids in both New York and Connecticut. We keep abreast of what is happening, and studying the changes as they arrive. If you are looking to connect with influential decision makers, we can help.
  • One of the many benefits of becoming a member of BOHCA, is because of our connections. We are connected with many Bar Associations and numerous influencers alike. We’d like to share those connections with you.
  • BOHCA is serving its members by helping make some of the most important connections of their careers. Recently we helped one of our East coast members find legal representation. They were seeking answers to questions about laws in California, Arizona and Colorado, and now they have a trusted associate to answer those questions.
  • At BOHCA we are driven to make helpful connections, important connections, and lasting relationships. At our first few meetings we saw the warmth in this industry. People on the East cost, interested and wanting to learn more about what is happening in the cannabis industry on the West coast. Connecting from coast to coast, the BOHCA way!

Connect with us:

149 Water Street, Suite 301.
Norwalk, CT 06854